haunted house

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Haunted House: An eerie, dream-like collection of games. Main engine and first 3 games.


Welcome to Haunted House! An eerie dream-like game of challenges and trials. Are you brave enough to conquer the house?

This is a game with many separate games sold as packs. The game itself, and each subsequent pack, contains 3 games. This purchase is for haunted house, the main game engine and three games. The games are:

  1. Pumpkin run: A game in which you must run around a witch’s back yard and rescue trick or treaters that have been turned into pumpkins. Sounds easy? Think again. The more trick or treaters you rescue, the angrier the witch will get. Eventually she’ll take it into her own hands to turn you, too, into a pumpkin. Too skillful for that? She might just call on some friends to help.
  2. Bobbing for apples: A simple, relaxing game of bobbing for apples…. Or so it seems. You dive into a large barrel full of apples and try to catch them. It seems so peaceful! But could there be something lurking underneath?
  3. Skeletal bard: Sure, being both hero and foe is hard. So let’s make life easier, by allowing you to help a skeleton who likes to think of himself as a musician. He will play a tune on his bones, and you must tell him how many notes there were. Can you get all 5 tunes right? Did we say easy? Well, not exactly…

If you’d like to hear a demonstration of the game in action, please visit this link.

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