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Haunted House Pack1: The first add-on pack for Haunted House, an eerie, dream-like selection of games.


Welcome to Haunted House pack 1: The first add-on pack for Haunted House. An eerie dream-like game of challenges and trials. This pack requires the main Haunted House game. If you don’t have it, please grab that first.


This pack for Haunted House contains the following 3 games:

  1. Darts: A simple game of throwing darts at balloons. Simple? Not quite. You need to throw hard enough, or you will miss, and when you pop certain balloons, blood from spiders that were conveniently pattering around inside may splash you, so you need to move fast! How many balloons can you pop? Will you not get splashed? Let’s find out!
  2. Escape the Celler: You’ve just woken up in a cold, damp celler. You’re memory slowly clears, and you realize you’ve been kidnapped, and the kidnapper is coming back. Could things get any worse… Of course. You must run faster and faster along this seemingly endless celler to escape the kidnapper coming back to get you, but if you don’t pay enough attention, you might become food for one of the many hungry undead in the floor or even walls of the celler. Yes, it could certainly get much, much worse.
  3. The witch’s golem: You are playing as the witch of the house, or more properly, her mechanical construct. In a previous game, you rescued many trick or treaters who had been turned into pumpkins, and now you are tasked with getting them back. Is there a catch? Of course! The witch was too busy to program in all of your turns, so you can only turn left. Also, if you hit the trees at the edge of the back yard, you’re toast. Good luck!

To hear a demonstration of Haunted House in general, please visit here.

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