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2MB Patron. Where you support 2MB and gain exclusive rewards!

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Welcome to 2MB Patron! Want to help us make awesome games and software for all to enjoy, and get exclusive rewards in the process? Read on!


2MB Patron has different support tiers, each of which gives access to specific rewards. The rewards are listed below. Please note: 2MB Patron is a subscription service. You will be automatically billed until you cancel, which you can do at any time on your account page or by contacting us.


Support tiers:


  1. 2MB Patron: Novis. This level of support will give you access to a patron only forum, access to private patron only game servers hosted by 2MB Solutions, access to all games 30 days before the general public, and a personal thank you letter from Michael and Billy. You will be helping to make 2MB Games a reality for everyone. Thank you!
  2. 2MB Patron: Apprentice: At this level you will get access to exclusive behind the scenes content about our games, including trailors and walkthroughs, all before the public gets them. Also by supporting us at this level you will be providing excellent support to us for amazing audiogames for all to enjoy. As with all support tiers, you will gain all rewards from lower tiers as well.
  3. 2MB Patron: Journeyman: At this support tier you will get access to game devlogs and other behind the scenes content when it comes to making the games, including all the nitty gritty details. You will also gain access to all games costing $10 or less for free. You will be providing amazing support for our gaming efforts by supporting us at this levvel. Thank you so much.
  4. 2MB Patron: Master: At this support level you will get access to pre-release information for all games we develop, and may also have the opertunity to beta test the games. You will also gain access to all games costing $20 or less for free. At this level you will be providing invaluable support for our productions. We deeply appreciate it.
  5. 2MB Patron: Grand Master: At this support level you will gain basically everything 2MB has to offer. You will get access to all games we release for free, you will have the access to have one on one chats with Michael and Billy, and you will be included as a special thanks in the credits of every game released during your membership period. At this level you will provide the best support we could hope for, and we are deeply greatful. We couldn’t do it without you.
  6. 2MB Patron: inclusive partner: At this level you will provide direct support to our ability to make all of our games both blind and sighted friendly. Money received from this tier will be put directly toward making our games inclusive to sighted people as well as blind, and you will have the option of giving a gift subscription for Journeyman to a friend. If you choose to support us at this level we will never forget your support. Our hearts go out to you for the help you give and we are so amazingly greatful. Thank you.


Again, if you choose to support us at any tier we will be so very thankful for your help. Thanks for supporting 2MB!

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