Welcome to 2MB Games!

Michael and his guide dog Gunther
Michael and his yellow lab guide dog, Gunther, pose for a photo.

Meet Michael:
Michael, co-founder of 2MB Solutions, enjoys playing audiogames and muds, hanging out on line, and programming. Michael’s jobs are programmer extraordinaire, sound design guru, management master, and website development sensei. When not working on 2MB projects, you can find Michael on IRC, mumble, and alter aeon / swamp.

Billy of 2MB
Billy of 2MB Solutions holds a staff and a sword

Meet Billy:
Billy, co-founder of 2MB Solutions, enjoys listening to music, playing audiogames, chatting on line, and hanging out with friends and family. Billy’s jobs are programmer apprentice, sound design journeyman, documentation master, and game idea god. No, seriously. When Billy isn’t coming up with more ideas than 2MB can work on, you can find him on IRC, mumble, swamp, and hanging out at home with his three kids and his wife.

What is 2MB Games?

2MB Games develops addicting audiogames for all to enjoy. Whether you’d like a relaxing game of horseshoes, a nerve racking game of mine racer, a shoot-em-up space invasion game, an rpg, an online multiplayer game and more, we can develop it. You can find our games and shop on the top menu, or if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say hi, contact us.
Thanks for visiting 2MB Games, and keep an eye out for our newest releases to be made soon.
Michael and Billy of 2MB Games.