haunted house pack2

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Haunted House Pack2: Two more addicting audiogames for Haunted House! Requires Haunted House to play


This is expansion pack 2 for Haunted House, a collection of crazy, spookey, and sometimes downright weird games! Do note that this pack requires you have purchased, or otherwise obtained, Haunted House, to play. You can find Haunted House here, and Haunted House Pack1 here if you missed them and would like to play more games!


In pack 2, there will only be two audiogames included, thus the lower price. The games included are:

  1. Halloween scramble. You come across a sign, saying Happy Halloween… except the letters of halloween are all out of order! Can you unscramble it before the clock hits zero?
  2. Trick or Treat: You must walk through a yard full of candies! Unfortunately for you, some of these candies are poisonous, so you must avoid them at all costs. Think that’s all you have to contend with? Think again! There are three different enemies, ghosts, skeletons, and witches, all out to get you as well. We’ll leave it up to you to find out how each one operates — no spoilers here! This game is bigger than most of the other games included with Haunted House and Haunted House Pack1, which is partially why this is a smaller pack.

You can find an audio demonstration of Haunted House in general here. We do not yet have a specific audio demo for this pack, but will hopefully some time soon. Stay tuned!

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